Now we suggest something!

At the end of last year, Johannes wrote a blog post about how online magazines can improve user experience by implementing an autocomplete feature. „Proxima“ is our suggested solution in order to provide the best results possible.


5 reasons why ChatGPT is (often) not the solution

The release of GPT-4 is renewing the buzz around Large Language Models. Are these tools ready for prime time now?


Is this the death of all world-changing AI applications?

If an AI sometimes lies to me, is it of any use at all? We examine the areas of application for which lying AI is suitable and where it has no place.

Chat and other GPTs (ChatGPT and its predecessors)

What is ChatGPT capable of? Instead of uncritical applause or doomsday scenarios, a level-headed look at the underlying technologies and the possibilities that arise from them.

Cloud Naive or Cloud Native

We prefer to discuss Text AI and Natural Language Processing, but in this video we'll go over the basics. We talk about scaling, the serverless trend, and cloud-native services - all things you might be interested in.


More value per dollar

We develop products. Whether for ourselves or for customers, we invest the same enthusiasm and have the same quality standards. How we deliver the maximum added value, we describe here.


Helpful at all costs - ChatGPT and the end of the software engineer

ChatGPT may help software developers in some cases, but it won't replace them. It can be helpful to a certain degree, but its eagerness to give wrong answers can be counterproductive. (Automatically generated summary)


May I suggest something?

Web portals should go beyond offering a search function and implement Suggest features to make searching easier, more relevant and more enjoyable. This is possible by providing suggestions in different categories. (Summary generated by NEOMO summarizer)


To search or not to search

We are still not done with search – although we are at it since 2001.


What’s in a name?

Some may claim that my co-founder Florian and I simply enjoy rebranding companies on a regular basis.

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