Cloud Naive or Cloud Native

Johannes Stiehler

We prefer to talk about Text AI and Natural Language Processing and what new applications technological progress is enabling in this field. But in this latest video, we’re getting back to basics: In conversations with customers and other service providers, we keep noticing how diffuse the concept of “cloud” still is in many people’s minds.

If you want to learn more about:

  • Scaling, especially to 0
  • the “serverless” trend
  • cloud-native services

and how these concepts help to become more cost efficient and gain features and security at the same time, then this video is for you.

Full German Version: Cloud Naive or Cloud Native (33:56min)

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Johannes Stiehler
CO-Founder NEOMO GmbH
Johannes has spent his entire professional career working on software solutions that process, enrich and surface textual information.

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