Information in the right format at the right time

Extraction, transformation and aggregation

We constantly receive a flood of information from all sides, but this information is often missing when we need it most, or it is not properly prepared.

We can provide practical solutions: With our tools for text extraction, transformation and aggregation, we bring order to the chaos.

These include crawling and parsing websites as well as the targeted extraction of specific data points from documents, for example in order to demonstrably comply with data protection requirements under the GDPR.

We prepare the data obtained in such a way that it can be used directly in business processes.

We also facilitate access to information by summarizing texts and translating them into plain language in accordance with the Accessibility Act.


User-focussed application of complex technologies

Machine learning and generative AI

It seems like AI experts are popping up everywhere these days, their skills often limited to typing clever prompts for ChatGPT.

We can do more: from symbolic AI to deep learning, from discriminative to generative - we know our stuff. We understand which technology suits which application - be it training a support vector machine or using few-shot learning.

We understand the intricacies of large language models and use embeddings just as confidently as retrieval augmented generation and model fine-tuning.

If this all sounds like a mystery to you, don't worry: our main concern is to understand your users and business processes. The right technology will then almost automatically emerge.

And with our AIOps service, you can simply leave testing, operation, upgrades and improvements to us, too.


Your journey into the cloud should not end in a downpour

Scalable and cost-effective cloud deployment

Most of our software deployments - and those of our clients - now run in the cloud. But moving from on-premises servers to the cloud can be difficult, especially when it comes to cost-effectiveness, security and monitoring. Without a deep understanding of platforms like Google Cloud , AWS or Azure, it's easy to end up paying more money for an inferior and less secure solution.

We have already helped many clients move their software seamlessly and securely to the cloud. With automated deployment tools such as Terraform and Pulumi, we ensure constant updates and smooth operation. And if you want, we can also take care of monitoring and managing your platform, or we can hand everything over to your team as a turnkey solution - including the necessary expertise.


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