Language & Technology

Language connects people, conveys information and enables collaboration and innovation in the first place.
We love language(s) and are committed to bringing technology and language together in the best possible way.
We help companies to make language-related processes more efficient, more error-tolerant and more scalable - with the right bespoke technologies from search engines to large language models.


Integrate data

Many digital processes simply fail due to the availability of the relevant data.
We are experts in connecting and integrating different data sources through crawling, APIs or RPA.
Only integration gives information its full impact.


Transform information

To be effective, information must be linked and represented in the right way.

Our information integration tools help to draw connections, group similar information, aggregate information or reformulate it for new target groups and applications.


Make knowledge available

We help to make knowledge findable - through advanced, language-optimised search technology, autocomplete and context-dependent suggestions.

We are also happy to design the complete user experience based on our many years of experience with such applications.

Our clients

Since 2012, we have been helping SMEs and corporations to find optimal solutions for their business processes.

From insurance companies to software providers and e-commerce portals, we have already helped many to realise unimagined potential with the right technology.

We always look at these processes through the eyes of the user, not only those of the technology partner.
For us, the product comes first, the technology is just a tool.


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Read. Understand. Verify.

Ever experienced that? You send out game rules, club bylaws, house rules, policies or other important information. But did the recipients really read and understand the information they received?

With our product rundify, you can reliably determine that - super easy.



"It was always clear to us that innovative online education tools need to rely on AI-supported workflows. It is just not effective to curate the amount of content manually. NEOMO has provided bleeding edge ideas and technology to build what we envisioned. Way before anybody even talked about ChatGPT, they helped us bring the power of Generative AI into our products."


Haavard Melby, Group Product Director, Mercell International

"NEOMO helped us move our search from a database lookup to a state of the art search engine. Solving complex user problems and increasing our customer satisfaction. Their knowledge and communication was instrumental when creating our product vision and implementing it into the company."


Jørgen Kadal, CEO, ComlAi

"As a compliance-focused company we are obviously under intense scrutiny in regards to security, data protection and reliability. So we could not just put arbitrary AI components into our product which might expose customer data to third parties or start hallucinating at any time. NEOMO helped us navigate the somewhat treacherous territory of current AI solutions with our specific use case and our specific parameters in mind. Their deep knowledge about the properties and implications of all types of large language models - both technological and legal - allowed us to build a solution that brings AI to our customer at maximum efficiency and reliability."