What’s in a name

NEOMO was just rebooted. Learn more about us and our vision.

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Out of ayfie Germany’s Ashes

It is no secret. We left ayfie. Artificial Lawyer’s founder Richard asked the right questions about it.

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Product Development

From UX to data, from ideation to scaling, we can build it. We enjoy dealing with large volumes of unstructured textual information most of all.

Project Execution and Trouble-Shooting

Most projects are severely delayed or fail entirely. We can keep that from happening, even it is almost too late.

Interim Management

CEO, CTO, CMO, GM - we did them all. So whichever position is currently missing, we can help you out and coach successors.


Building a brand from scratch? Identifying a market, a need, a new buyer persona? Challenge us.

Curious how smart search solutions can increase your business value?

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