Read less, understand more

Who would have thought that the brave new digital world for many still consists of reading pages and pages of documents just to find a single piece of information - provided you find the document first.

At NEOMO, we have over 100 years of combined experience in shortening this process.

Our goal is to provide intelligent solutions in an age of information overload. Our skills inlcude search technologies, natural language processing, machine learning, rapid domain familiarization, and user experience (UX) optimization.


Proxima Auto-Complete

A supercharger for any search application: Auto-complete improves the user experience while providing a whole new level of control over a user’s journey.


Text AI

We don't just wrap a UI around ChatGPT, but know the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches in AI. Thus, the "magic" becomes applicable to critical business processes.


Customized search solutions

We love Elasticsearch and Solr, but especially for non-English search they are simply not optimal. We provide the missing ingredients and are experts in challenging use cases.

Latest blog posts

We regularly write about insights, updates and random rants.


We founded NEOMO in 2012 with the goal of turning our experience from various projects in corporations and startups into useful products and effective services.


Text analysis

How long does it take to find the termination clause in a 20-page contract? Or the travel expense policy for conferences?

Our technologies can bring structure to documents, summarize them, and automatically add keywords so you can understand content at a glance and jump to the right place without effort. For example, you can compile contract documents by party or aggregate mortgages by remaining contract term.

Or you can use the same approach to compile and evaluate the latest professional publications in minutes instead of hours.


Text mining

Can your customers find information about your products? Do you know exactly what your contractual obligations are with your service providers? Who has control over "Personally Identifiable Information" as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation?

Our components and products capture all documents, extract essential entities (proper names, organizations, etc.), make the results available for querying and aggregation by means of search and autocomplete solutions, and recompile documents according to their internal relationships regardless of where they are stored.

These approaches do not only work on internal data, our customers in online retail and insurance prove it.


Machine learning

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips. Unfortunately, only few really understand the possibilities and limitations of new approaches and are therefore either uncritical or fundamentally skeptical about machine learning and its applications.

We are constantly finding, analyzing and testing new developments in this area. We identify use cases for AI and train, tune or re-implement for those. This results in solutions that can automate a surprising number of monotonous tasks. You and your employees can thus concentrate on things that a computer cannot (yet) take over completely.