Question Generation with rundify

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Ever experienced that? You send out game rules, club bylaws, house rules, policies or other important information. But did the recipients really read and understand the information they received?

With our product rundify, you can reliably determine that - super easy.

What exactly does rundify do?

rundify 'reads' your uploaded PDF and automatically divides it into thematically related sections. For each of these sections, the rundify AI module creates simple comprehension questions that can be answered with 'Yes' or 'No'. Additionally, a small summary of the section is stored as an explanation.


The result is a questionnaire whose link you can share with any recipients afterwards. Of course, a preview of the original document is also included in the questionnaire, so you don't have to send the document additionally.

Is it really that simple?

  • Upload PDF file
    You can upload any PDF file - as long as it contains text. We have optimized rundify mainly for game rules, club bylaws, house rules, policies or staff information. However, you can also use legislative texts, textbook summaries, essays, term papers, or annual reports.
  • Validate questions and answers
    After you upload your document, rundify automatically creates the questionnaire. Now it's up to you to validate the questions and answers. To do this, simply click through the pre-built questionnaire in edit mode and select the questions you want to keep.
  • Activate and send
    Now you can activate your questionnaire and share its link with any recipients. The link can be opened in the browser on any device. By the way, no registration is required to fill out the questionnaire.

There's more where this came from!

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