Insurance Company

Johannes Stiehler
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Initial situation

Search plays a major role at a number of places in an insurance company. Whether a claim is to be reported, an insurance policy is to be extended, a new policy is to be taken out or personal advice is required: a sophisticated search bar ideally provides the fastest access to all these functions.

Our contribution

Due to the corporate structure of our customer, various search topics were handled by different departments or sub-companies. Since we were allowed to work on the central WCMS as well as on the agency search and the German web presence, we were able to give the different searches a common technological and functional basis.

Our collaboration with this insurance company has many facets, from licensing various search components to individualized ranking algorithms for the agency search. In all areas, the client benefited from our expertise in search technology and computational linguistics.

CO-Founder NEOMO GmbH
Johannes has spent his entire professional career working on software solutions that process, enrich and surface textual information.