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New USPs and at last the right flagship features for your software

Artificial intelligence is indispensable for any modern software application and is consequently demanded by all investors. NEOMO ensures the implementation of the outstanding USP features in every project.


New ideas, new highlights

Your product ideas are too valuable
not to be realized.

Your head is full of ideas for your SaaS product, but your development team is 100% busy with maintenance. Plus, the pressure to implement AI isn't diminishing. The off-the-shelf solutions don't meet your needs. Most consultants limit themselves to simple OpenAI integrations and you simply don't have the resources for your own in-house AI development team. And this is where we come into play: With NEOMO AI, we can raise the functional scope of your software to a whole new level.

Secure your position in the market

NEOMO is your competitive advantage

With NEOMO, trying out features is a breeze. Our experienced product team validates your ideas and implements them in your software in no time at all.


Discovery of new unique selling propositions

We analyse, add and create production-quality product features in almost any software stack, making your product unparalleled.

Development of a dedicated solution

You get a truly customized, royalty-free solution with know-how transfer. We increase your company value, because we already have a possible exit in mind during the implementation.

AI expertise and integration

Using AI and speech technology, we make your workflow more efficient and take you beyond what you can do on your own.

Technology assessment and optimization

We can tell you exactly in detail "what more is still possible" and thus give you the certainty of not being left behind by some startup.

Fast testing of features including front-end development

While your own team caters to existing customers, our team creates the urgently needed "flagship features"

Launch implementation

In cooperation with your team, we simultaneously make an analysis of modernization needs and train them. This makes you independent in the long run - even from us.

Comments from our satisfied customers


T.K. Kanestrom

"It was always clear to us that innovative online education tools need to rely on AI-supported workflows. It is just not effective to curate the amount of content manually. NEOMO has provided bleeding edge ideas and technology to build what we envisioned. Way before anybody even talked about ChatGPT, they helped us bring the power of Generative AI into our products."


Haavard Melby
Group Product Director, Mercell International

"NEOMO helped us move our search from a database lookup to a state of the art search engine. Solving complex user problems and increasing our customer satisfaction. Their knowledge and communication was instrumental when creating our product vision and implementing it into the company."


Jørgen Kadal
CEO, ComlAi

"As a compliance-focused company we are obviously under intense scrutiny in regards to security, data protection and reliability. So we could not just put arbitrary AI components into our product which might expose customer data to third parties or start hallucinating at any time. NEOMO helped us navigate the somewhat treacherous territory of current AI solutions with our specific use case and our specific parameters in mind. Their deep knowledge about the properties and implications of all types of large language models - both technological and legal - allowed us to build a solution that brings AI to our customer at maximum efficiency and reliability."


NEOMO in action

Since 2012 we change the world
of our customers with AI solutions

With over 100 years of experience working for corporations and start-ups, we develop products and services that drive your software forward.


From textbook to measurable learning experience

Continuing education in the medical field must entail consuming teaching content in 5-minute chunks and at the same time always keeping an eye on how well you have mastered the material.

The development of a software product brings
many challenges.
Let's tackle them together!

Challenge #1

"I have a lot of ideas and requirements coming from the market, but my development team is fully occupied with the core product and its maintenance."

Rapid validation and implementation of product ideas.


Challenge #2

"The board expects innovation and progress to usher in the next round of funding, but the development team is still chasing the backlog from existing customer requirements."

Elevating your product out of comparability and preparing for the next round of funding.


Challenge #3

"AI vendors abound, yet most rely on off-the-shelf solutions."

Customized, royalty-free solution with know-how transfer.


Challenge #4

"I have mapped a customer workflow perfectly, but I lack the time and resources to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness."

Quicker to market, improved efficiency in customer workflow.


Challenge #5

"I'm actually quite happy with my product, but I'm wondering what else could theoretically be accomplished and how a competitor could out-innovate me."

We can tell you exactly "what else is possible".


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We founded NEOMO in 2012 with the goal of turning our experience from various projects working for corporations and startups into meaningful products and effective services.


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Video article

Better to look behind the scenes
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Secure the keynote by NEOMO co-founder Johannes Stiehler on the topic "AI is more than ChatGPT - product innovation through artificial intelligence":

  • Why does rapid AI integration rarely bring benefits?
  • Where is the real potential for product companies through AI?
  • What needs to be considered in terms of data protection and data usage?


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