Insurance Service Provider

Florian Lohmeier
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Initial situation

Our customer is a technical service provider in the insurance sector, specializing in content management. In this context, both flexible management capabilities for the content of individual insurance policies and findability for the end user play a major role. In the course of a changeover to a more modern CMS platform, the search and automatic retrieval of content was also to be rethought.

Our contribution

With our linguistic approach and our many years of experience in the insurance sector, we were able to get directly involved in the ongoing transformation project.

Here, we focus on the linguistic analysis of content, the generation and display of search suggestions and a scalable search platform that can be connected to individual portals via a search bar as well as control the delivery of content in the background without the user having to enter a search term.

CO-Founder NEOMO GmbH
Florian has always had a strong emphasis on all things visual and UX with a bias towards search-based applications.